5 Easy Tips for Healthy Plants


Indoor plants might be overwhelming at first but once you start, you won't be able to stop buying them. Check out these simple tips for your new plant friends. 

  1. Check the placement of your plants. Depending on what type of plants you have, they will need different levels of light but luckily most plants come with instructions or at the very least a little picture with examples. Keep in mind how much sunlight comes in through your windows. South-facing windows receive more light than north-facing windows. For East and West facing windows you need to observe how much light is coming in and place plants as appropriate. 

  2. Sponge your plants. If you're noticing your plants are drying fairly quickly, place a sponge at the bottom of the pot. The sponge will act as a water reservoir and will keep your plants well hydrated. 

  3. Give your plants Egg Water. After you boil your eggs and the water has cooled, give that water to your plant. They will appreciate the nutrient dense drink. 

  4. Check for crowding. Once a year check your roots and make sure that they aren't over crowding. A small pot can cause the death of your plant so make sure to provide it enough room to grow. 

  5. Keep a watchful eye. Make sure you are checking your indoor plants every so often so that you are able to see problems before they get out of control. Check for dryness, bugs and need for pruning. 

Plants seem a bit overwhelming but we promise it's not as hard as they sound. Try them out. Ask the sales associate to point you in the direction of the indoor plants and have fun picking up some new friends that will brighten up your space.