Tips for Finding the Perfect Front Door

Color can evoke and influence our emotions. it plays an important role in every aspect of our lives; the door to your home or office should be a color that embodies your personality. The color of your front door is the first statement a guest or family member sees when they're entering your home. At Lily & Copper, we know and understand the importance of color and the lasting impression it could have on our clients and their guests.


Not only is the color of your front door a statement, but it also increases the value of your property. It’s a win-win situation. Before you choose what color you want to paint your front door, let’s see what colors indicate a characteristic about someone’s personality.

People who prefer white are simple, organized, and logical. It is the purest of colors, and can represent new beginnings. It is also the most common color people have as their door color. It’s simple and clean, but also can be seen as plain and boring.


People who choose a black door can be seen as bold and sophisticated. It evokes emotions of luxury and seriousness. If you’re looking for a door that may suggest that you’re strong and bold, than this color is for you.

Green doors may suggest a sense of stability and wealth. We also see this color everywhere in nature; it connotes a sense of peace and tranquility. A green front door may imply that you are ready to welcome your guests with open arms.

Some may think gray is too simple and plain, however it invokes a sense of professionalism and sleekness. It shows that you are modern and innovative. A gray door is like a sleek button up that will never go out of style.

People who are attracted to blue want you to know that they are trustworthy and loyal. A blue door may be associated with water and peace which will have you welcoming guests all day long.


Purple has been associated with royalty and wealth. A purple door shows that you’re a luxurious and ambitious person.

A pop of color never hurts; a bright yellow can indicate that you have a bright and bubbly personality. Yellow is a color of optimism and creativity. The yellow door you chose for your home could be the ray of sunshine your guests were looking for!


When people see the color pink, one of the first things that come to mind is love and romance. We’re surrounded by pink balloons and cards on valentines for a reason. A pink door may show that you are a hopeless romantic, but it also shows that you are a loveable and warm person.

The color red evokes feelings of love, power, passion, and strength. It is a bold color and will have passerbys taking a second look. What better way to showcase your “go-getter” personality then a bold, red door.


An orange front door shows that you are social and friendly. It may look a little tacky at times, but if done right it shows that you are ready to entertain and mingle with your guests.

Now you got a rundown on what colors might match some of  your personality traits, here are some extra tips that will help you choose the perfect door for you.

1.  Keep it consistent with the style of your house.
If your house is a Craftsman style house, go with a Craftsman style door.  The same goes for every other style (Mid-Century modern, Victorian, Georgian, Spanish, etc.).  If you have a nondescript house from the 1980’s or 1990’s, then you can probably get away with a modern style door.


2. Consider glass options.
In the world of doors, glass is called a “lite.” So, if you have 4 window panes that are divided by wooden partitions (called muntins), then it’s a 4-lite door. Glass brings elegance to a door and lets light in. Whereas half-moon and arched lites were popular many years ago, most homeowners are moving toward square lites. If you’re concerned about privacy, there are many textured glass options. You can also add sidelights or tall narrow windows on one or both sides of the door to draw more attention to the entry and to let additional light in. If you have enough height, you can also add a transom window, which is a small window directly above the door. Transom windows are common in historic homes, but they are a great option for any house, particularly if you would like to let light in, maintain privacy, and to accentuate the stateliness of the door.


3. Don’t be afraid of color.
When you step back and look at the entire façade of your house, your front door is a relatively small element, so it’s one place where you can use a bright color, like cherry red or bright teal. Just be sure to choose a color that coordinates well with the main body and trim colors of your house. You can take a picture of your house and use some basic graphics software to change the door color digitally to see how it will look. Still can’t decide? Take a stroll around your neighborhood for inspiration.


4.  Most importantly, remember that this is the entrance to your home. Keep it inviting and choose something you love, since you will come home to it everyday.

At Lily & Copper Design, we encourage our clients to be able to express their personality throughout the design process. There are endless options for the perfect door for your home or office, that’s why we’re here to help with our expertise. My team and I are talented designers who can meet the needs of every client type. Give us a call today.